Catching up/Preview

Basically missed a week on here. Oops.

Some key wins against Boston and putting away a dead tired Atlanta squad.
Malkin getting 5 points to up his season total to 102? Not bad. I'd say Malkin is definitely a legit contender for the Hart(and Pearson) at this point. In my bias I think he gets it if the season ends today...but the next 3 weeks will definitely have an impact in the voting.

Even the back to back losses to Columbus and Ottawa came with a point. The Ottawa loss was pretty awful, but the win against the Bruins helped erase that a bit. Bylsma has points in every game he has coached except the one regulation loss to the caps.

The Kings will be coming in after playing in Boston tonight. So this could be another fatigued team playing against the Pens. LA needs the points though...more than Atlanta did. Should be an interesting game. All that really needs to be said is that LA will probably be pretty sick in 2-3 years, but until then they still are going through some growing pains.

Go Pens.

-Brodeur broke the record. Congrats to him

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