3 Clowns talking hockey.

Who in the hell are these clowns?

First things first. This blog will be starting off with three bloggers with ties to the D.C. area, two of which are penguins fans, one of which is a caps fan. A menage a trois of sorts. Between all of us, we have each either played or watched hockey for over a decade now, so that must count for something. Right?

A half-assed roll-call:

Clown 1: Ross Lupashuck- Pens fan A, has been into the penguins ever since he went to game 5 of 1996 EC quarterfinals. The game where Schoenfeld/Trottier/Johnston did the reach around fight. Has been pretty devoted since, Rico Fata, Ross Lupashuck and Ramzi Abid included. Has not been the same since Ian Moran left town. (Note: I am NOT the great Ross Lupashuck--just an alias)

Clown 2: Tabaracci For Vezina -The lone Caps fan on here will be putting his spin on the Caps, NHL and anything else hockey. Has followed the Caps since the days of Bondra and Johannson. Finds Chris Neil to be the epitome of on ice class. Sleeps with his signed Ulf Dahlen stick.

Clown 3: Flex_Point- Pens Fan B, a DC area native, has been part of the Pens' faithful since as long as he can remember. He apparently seeks conflict since he promptly shipped himself to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan after the Penguins' loss to the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals in order to continue his endeavors in rocket science (which he unabashedly doesn't let people forget). He lives in constant fear that Kip Miller will come to reclaim his skates that Flex_Point bought and continues to use.

What the hell is this?

Why are three clowns with ties to the D.C. area blogging about the Capitals and Penguins?
Why a blog with two teams? I thought the Penguins main rival isn't even the Capitals(and debatably vice-versa)? Why not?

Bettman, Leonsis, Pens ownership and fanbases of both franchises have been pumping this up post-lockout...so we figured it was time to get this going. Now that both teams are playoff contenders(well...both are expected to be), and things seem to be heating up between the two franchises...now seemed to be the time.

Crosby/Ovechkin, Malkin/Semin, etc etc.

And if these two teams meet in the playoffs? This place will light up faster than Phelps at a frat party.

This will be the place for game breakdowns, general team news, debate and just plain old good trash talk.

So keep the comments civil, have fun, and enjoy watching this blog evolve alongside the rivalry.

Breakdowns from today's game are coming from both sides as well as other garbage as we get the chance. Stick with us as we labor through getting this thing off the ground. Enjoy, and welcome on board.

Recaps from today's game and on-topic crap coming soon.

-CFPF Team

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