Pens Fan-Recap 2/22/09 Game

Pens lose 5-2. Drop to 29-26-6

Fleury has played 10 million straight games. 
The power play had about a weeks worth of chances.

Just came off an emotional game in Philly with 2 points in one hand, and Scott Hartnell's fro in the other.

Caps laid down at home against the Avs...this wasn't going to be a breeze. Sounds like a list of excuses, sure, but...it is what it is.

Pens started off with a solid effort. By the time the 2nd rolled around, it became apparent that a win was not in the cards. 

Theodore was good enough to get a win, bad enough to give up a fairly juicy rebound to Max Talbot in the 1st. 

Ovechkin-Semin-Fedorov pretty much ran the show. Gonch continues to prove why he was sorely missed for most of the season, despite getting 'whooped' the whole game. Which for the record...what is that all about? 

Gonchars gameplay thoughts: "Ok, grab the pass, ok, dish it out of the zone....OH CRAP, turnover! Foiled again by that intolerable 'whoop' noise...UGH!"

We think it went something like that. 

Speaking of ridiculous. NBC. I swear, Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire change who they claim to be is "the best player in the world" every 3 months. This Sunday it was their turn to fawn over Ovechkin. All fine and good, the penguins have had their fair share of fawning over by the national hockey media. And don't get me wrong, Ovechkin should be in the conversation of best players...but I have a hard time believing a man who traded Roberto Luongo and Olli Jokinen for Oleg Kvasha and Mark Parrish. K?

Enough wasting pixels on NBC's inept broadcasts.

PF (pens fan) silver lining: Pens still aren't out of it by any stretch. They continue to rack up shots under Bylsma. Despite the inconsistencies, I still have some good vibes about this team for them to salvage something. Some encouraging signs are there for sure. Still waiting for that consistency though.

Need 2 huge points from Weds game. Isles always seem to play the pens hard...at least Malkin thinks so. Hopefully Bylsma learned something from the last game against the Islanders as well as the loss on Sunday and will tailor the game plan a bit.

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